Sacramento Real Estate Boom or Bust

Sacramento Real Estate; Bubble or Booming?
Sacramento’s market has been heating up for awhile now.  But when is hot too hot?  Well let’s take a look at some of the factors effecting the values in Sacramento  real estate today.  In 2013 Sacramento saw investors paying cash for homes on 25% of properties that closed increasing property values in 2013 in the hottest areas The market added and additional 10% in 2014 which has buyers and sellers  alike asking when are prices coming back down?  Well, let’s look at the factors  that are keeping housing prices high in Sacramento.  First are historically low  interest rates.  With interest rates hovering in the high 3 to low 4 percentile  borrowing money is cheap. This keeps owing a home very attractive in comparison  of renting.  Next, we are seeing inventory levels continue to decline due to builders  still licking their wounds from the last market downturn.  So without builders to build, housing inventory levels will continue to decline. Lastly, we are seeing less families fleeing to the Bay Area mainly because the housing prices in San Francisco and surrounding areas are at their all time Highs.  Based on our professional opinion and other experts in the area Sacramento is transforming. Creating a new vibrant cultural movement. Which is creating job opportunities and a much needed social draw to the Sacramento region. With these factors we believe that Sacramento is most definitely headed for a boom.
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